Urahara eliminates to explore the matter after that, but states it needs day

Urahara eliminates to explore the matter after that, but states it needs day

They inquire what Inaba desires which have Nozomi

After, Urahara, picking up a light rule away from Ichigo’s Reiatsu, and you may recovers your from the Dangai, searching for fragments of data to the growth of Mod-Souls in the act. Urahara later discusses new improbable nature of Ichigo’s recovery out-of this new Dangai, claiming just what Ichigo discussed do usually become hopeless. The guy shows you you to definitely Inaba is so finding new Dangai because the of the Mod-Souls suggestions. Urahara speculates the guy utilized this article to make this new clones regarding the latest Gotei 13 captains, and Nozomi verifies their observance. When he asks this lady if she realized all of the with each other, Nozomi shows Inaba created the Mod-Souls. Nozomi suggests his previous from the Enterprise Spearhead, allowing Urahara understand Inaba’s full motivation. [115] Later on, Urahara shows to Rukia that he possess ended Nozomi was an effective Modified Soul, due to not being able to experience one Reiatsu off the girl and you will the new strange, possibly phony, recuperation strength she used on Ichigo. [116]

Tessai, telling Urahara you to definitely numerous Reigai was in fact trapped in their trap, requires when they should proceed to the next thing. Urahara agrees, in addition they get ready in order to frost space. [117] Later on, Inaba grabs Nozomi and you can ruins Ichigo’s kept vitality. Once Urahara food Ichigo’s wounds, folks accumulates at their shop to talk about their next move. Uryu miracle as to why Inaba several times tried to eliminate Ichigo earliest. Kisuke demonstrates to you it is most likely as the Inaba do not do a Reigai off a become that have Empty energies, which means that discovered Ichigo to be a dangerous varying. Kisuke theorizes for you to heal Ichigo’s efforts. He says that from the getting the left Reishi regarding Ichigo nevertheless about Kototsu, capable utilize it while the Reigai technical from the SRDI to simply help Ichigo. Due to the fact Ichigo happens to be as opposed to Reiatsu, he’ll have the ability to flow easily on Dangai, and also make your alone that will have the Reishi. Kisuke, offering your a great Reishi collector, throws Ichigo for the Dangai. Ichigo later is provided unscathed to your Reishi he built-up. [118]

Kisuke asks the rest to get in the Dangai earliest since decoys when you’re Kisuke, Ichigo, and Kon need a different entrances, just like the Kisuke’s Reiatsu-concealing cloak and you may Ichigo’s lack of Reiatsu will allow them to flow undetected. Efficiently infiltrating the latest SRDI, it set to works fixing Ichigo’s energies. Urahara notes he will not be able to heal Ichigo’s Hollow efforts, and because he’s perhaps not good Reigai, it may carry out a strain for the Ichigo’s soul. Till the techniques is carried out, the system begins to worry about-destruct. Ichigo, talkwithstranger ne demek swallowing brand new Mod-Soul, partially regulates his Reiatsu. Kisuke is definite Inaba have a before-up business in other places which they are able to use so you’re able to balance Ichigo. By using Yoruichi and the captains, they refrain the brand new SRDI as it is in the middle of new Reigai. [119] Because they check for Inaba’s facility, Kisuke establishes Ichigo need remain trailing, because of his internal turmoil, and you may binds your which have good “Kin” spell. Carrying out a little research regarding SRDI and tenth Office, he cards a keen inconsistency anywhere between Inaba and you may Nozomi’s respective tales about its pasts. He finishes these people were you to Mod-Heart split in 2 in the Reiatsu of your own real developer of Mod-Souls. [120]

Yet not, Kisuke cards the process is erratic, resulting in Ichigo’s internal Empty to begin heading wild

Urahara discovers research leading your on Colony off Maggots shopping for Oko Yushima. Shortly after conquering the brand new Reigai guarding the newest studio, Urahara and Kon discover Yushima inside a great catatonic condition. [120] When you’re Urahara suspected this, the guy finds out a little trace out of bloodstream on the floor belonging so you can Inaba. Checking out they, he is able to find Inaba’s genuine laboratory. Coming in, they notice it has been protected of the an effective Reigai of Urahara himself. He shows Kon in order to slip in as he face the latest Reigai. [121] [122] When you look at the struggle, Urahara observes the newest Reiatsu of your own resurrected Oko Yushima. Later, s with Urahara in order to defeat Reigai-Urahara. It go into Inaba’s laboratory, where Kisuke, surprising Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi, eliminates the woman Mod-Soul key on the Reigai. Position Kon in it, the guy delivers him in order to Ichigo towards the done-Mod-Spirit regarding his Reishi. [123] Kisuke theorizes it will simply temporarily repair Ichigo’s efforts. [124]


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