But for online dating service eHarmony, computing your compatibility is not just for clout

But for online dating service eHarmony, computing your compatibility is not just for clout

eHarmony: The price of harmonious relationships

How much does it cost to find a harmonious relationship? How much does eHarmony cost? Surprisingly, eHarmony offers membership plans that are average in cost compared to similar dating sites.

Can you try eHarmony for free?

  • You can use or try the service for free.
  • You cannot send messages for free
  • You can read at least the first messages which you have in your mailbox for free
  • With this link you can try eHarmony for free

Is eHarmony expensive or cheap?

eHarmony offers three subscription membership, namely: Light, Plus, and Extra. Based on the names alone, Light is the cheapest and most basic, while Extra means you have access to all the premium features the dating site carries.

These subscriptions run for 6,12 and 24 months. In terms of subscription length, eHarmony offers a longer duration compared to other dating sites, which usually go for one or three-month terms.

eHarmony is also no stranger to generous offers. Watch out for the site’s free premium trials; these promos almost always happen on the Yuletide season, the most wonderful time of the year indeed.

Is eHarmony worth it?

Love is one of the most complex emotions in the world, but if it’s going to be decoded, it seems like knowing how compatible you are is probably the closest to doing so.

It’s what fuels the premium dating site’s infamous matchmaking system that they say lead to successful relations and unions of over two million couples.

eHarmony is one of the earliest sites created to prove that it’s possible to find long-term connections over the Internet. With over two decades of experience under its belt, the matchmaking site employs precise and specific methods to introduce you to a match.

But before you plan to hop on at eHarmony, it’s only right to review the platform first, especially since it is not a free service.

Offline vs eHarmony

We hear you, why should you sign up and upgrade to an online dating service when real-life interaction awaits? Well, why not? eHarmony may be the online push you need to get your dating life started.

Novice vs. Expert

No offense on your dating style, but if it isn’t working, it’s best to shake it up a bit. Plus, it won’t hurt if you yield your love life in the knowing hands of experts.

eHarmony has been operating for more than two decades-how’s that for experience? Apart from the years, the dating site itself is the brainchild of a licensed psychologist and relationship counselor, Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

eHarmony’s famed Compatibility Matching System, which is fueled by over 32 dimensions of compatibility, was Dr. Warren’s design. Since he is a doctor, you can rest assured that the questions are not random-the man knows what he’s doing.

Although eHarmony is a paid service, the silver lining is that you’ll know who’s real. Members with genuine intentions of finding love tend to purchase a subscription so that they can have full access to eHarmony. Apart from the precise matchmaking system it employs, you’re bound to find real matches here. And you know what that means: fewer fakes equals more chances to meet and fall in love with the right person.

eHarmony is also praised by reviewers and users on its use of facts as the basis for matches. In 2018 alone, eHarmony ranked first in a survey for the most trusted dating site in the United States.

One vs. Many

In real life, you’ll be branded a flirt or cheater if you want to pursue several potential lovers at once. And by pursuing, we mean meeting and getting to know a match. You ong the possible choices is the most compatible with you.


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