A while later, Rukia shows up on Urahara Shop, irate one Kisuke has not yet replied this lady phone calls

A while later, Rukia shows up on Urahara Shop, irate one Kisuke has not yet replied this lady phone calls

The guy apologizes, proclaiming that these include active while the shop enjoys commonly already been kept empty. [47] Rukia asks concerning Quincy, hence surprises your. Claiming he has not observed her or him for a long time, he continues to reveal their records so you’re able to Rukia. [48] [49] [50] Once noticing the brand new increasing level of Hollows lookin for the Karakura Town, Rukia rushes off, and you can Urahara goes into for attending most other company. [51] Using few to your shop, Urahara informs him or her just what has been going on, discusses the benefit that awoken in this her or him, and explains their connection to Ichigo. [52]

Seeking simplicity its fears and tension, Urahara claims they’ve a choice today where there can be nothing, and it is to them to prefer to work or not. They are disturbed by the Tessai, which says this new Kuumon has started their convergence, listing the latest preparations try complete. Urahara requires Orihime and you may Sado to come collectively, as he wishes to suggest to them the world they are on the to get in plus the enemies they must battle. [53] Upon the arrival, Urahara instructs Ichigo to focus on the newest Gillian-Group Menos Bonne that is just about to force their ways from crack in the heavens. [54] [55] While the Rukia attempts to let, Urahara ends their interference with a binding spell, telling the lady the fight would be crucial that you both of them. [56] Following the race, thaifriendly tanД±Еџma web sitesi Urahara requires Tessai to fix the newest crack about sky. [57]

Urahara brings your a way to go to Heart Area under one reputation: the guy need certainly to teach that have your to have 10 days to battle properly

The next day, Yoruichi check outs Urahara, and they talk about the Shinigami chasing after Rukia. [58] In the event the Shinigami make an effort to grab Rukia, Urahara frees Ichigo’s Shinigami function out of his human anatomy therefore he can endeavor Rukia’s pursuers, and also in the process reveal Ichigo just how nothing a chance the guy have in fighting up against him or her. [59] [60] Following Ichigo’s defeat, Urahara heals each other Uryu Ishida and you can Ichigo, getting Ichigo in order to their shop due to the extent from his wounds. Urahara knocks an impatient Ichigo toward soil, claiming when the the guy were to come in their latest condition, Ichigo can be as a beneficial while the inactive. The guy subsequent cards by using their latest ability, the guy won’t stand a chance during the Heart Neighborhood. Urahara says Heart People commonly offers a-one day sophistication months just before undertaking executions. He notes it takes ten days to practice your and you may a further 1 week to open up the doorway to help you Soul Neighborhood, offering Ichigo thirteen months into the Spirit Area to store Rukia. [61] He brings Ichigo a different sort of medicine in order to rapidly repair their injuries. [62]

When Orihime Inoue collapses immediately following playing with the lady recently awakened Pass up Shun Rikka, Urahara comes towards the world having Tessai, who’s holding Yasutora Sado

The next day, brand new completely cured Ichigo initiate his studies which have Urahara, just who requires him towards the knowledge town the lower their shop. Urahara, splitting up Ichigo’s heart out-of his human anatomy, possess Ururu competition him so Ichigo can be regain a few of their rate. [63] [64] Once Ichigo seats so it, Urahara possess Tessai take off Ichigo’s Heart Chain and you may delivers them towards a big opening about floor that will speed up Ichigo’s Encroachment, forcing Ichigo to help you reacquire his Shinigami energies just before the guy gets a great Hollow. [65] [66] Three days later on, the guy, Jinta, and you may Ururu see once the Ichigo actually starts to alter into a hollow, and generally are astonished at the level of opposition they have. [67] Immediately following Ichigo awakens his Shinigami efforts, Urahara initiate his 3rd shot, that is so you’re able to hit Urahara’s cap out of his lead. [68]


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